Meet Dr. LeSavage

Associated Chiropractic Physicians Miller Hill

Associated Chiropractic Physicians Miller Hill

Caring For Duluth, MN and Surrounding Areas

Dr. Graf LeSavage has been practicing chiropractic for more than 30 years.

After completing 4 years of undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Dr. LeSavage attended Northwestern College of Chiropractic, graduating 4 years later with his doctorate degree in 1979. He then completed a one-year internship in his hometown of Cloquet, Minnesota, with his mentor Dr. Robert Benson, who was a significant influence in developing Dr. LeSavage's career in chiropractic.

In 1985, Dr. LeSavage co-founded Associated Chiropractic Physicians, a group of chiropractic clinics in Northern Minnesota, where he is presently practicing. Along with his chiropractic degree, Dr. LeSavage is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Minnesota. This offers him a special balance of treatment opportunities that can better provide improvements to patients with complex neurological and muscle skeletal problems.

Additionally, Dr. LeSavage has a special interest in the dynamics and treatment of both low and high impact motor vehicle crashes and the diverse changes these crashes have on our spines and nervous systems. Dr. LeSavage has completed the Arthur Croft postgraduate course in the physics, diagnosis, and treatment of whiplash-related disorders. Dr. LeSavage works closely with both the medical profession and area attorneys to help patients navigate their way through the complexities of a car crash.